I take it back to  and tooth pain and really what Ilook at look at on this is kind of where we are on a net claims PE p.m. so the .

The you know reality is if you look in we went significantly down in Allegiant .

we all kind of knewwe’re not quite sure when Allegiant how they were paying claims or or .

what theywere paying and so from Allegiant wemove back to blues you know you can seeour ppm went back up  we were downabout % and then if you look at where

we are eighteen to nineteen work sothe reality is over really a four and a half year period we’ve gone from to so I think that’s why we’ve seen some good renewals and in.

the past and Ithink I do think this is a good renew alas well so when you the health planhistory and I apologize there is a typoon this so sixth in – we did get arate pass from Blue Cross in

we got a . percent increase and thenthat should say   we got a ratepass again and then in we’venegotiate it down to . percent thecumulative over the four year period isabout .

percent when you look at theaverage trend that’s out there and theaverage trend between medical andpharmacy for that time frame wasprobably six to eight percent you cansee

that we’re a little over two percentso we’ve you know we’ve we’ve done welland I think we’ve that’s why we’vegotten good renewals as well so this isthe plans we’re not recommending anyplan

changes you can see these are therates so down at the bottom you knowit’s roughly a . % when you load itinto the formula so I just put this inhere for your review and then when youlook at it on what is it