INSURANCE have the implant done well right down here there’s the letter from Insurance the specialist that says if it was done or not okay so through your imaging module we’re going to open this up hopefully you can see

this imaging module I’m just gonna do a new exam and you see I’ve got some template set up just like I would have to bite wings for bite wings

I’ve got scanned documents and I would just right-click acquire from scanner it goes directly in and then I would connect the tooth number down here to

The corresponding two number in that letter or document so with the flow of that do you recommend for office flow that when letters come in

When things come in it gets automatically done on the front and attached this way I do now I also recommend that the office gets just go to Staples and buy .

A stamp that says something like scanned or copied or whatever you can find it you know a default stamp for and then put that letter on the doctors desk so .

They get a chance to read the letter correspond with the specialist and know that that documents already been scanned into the system so we have

A two-parter so yes the front does it but the front doesn’t just scan it and shred it then I scan it and pass it on to somebody else who can you know verify

The information that has been correct for those that are not as hygienic or heaven tickets and staples what we used to would do is just a checkmark and .

The date and the check meant this is the date that it was scanned in so the doctor knew everything .

That landed on their desk had a check in a date that was the it wasn’t he goes oft perfect I love it yep so yeah and