Dental help this process without any caps I know a lot of states do have caps on care but we we really felt like we didn’t want to dictate that and to just keep our options open .

Dental help

we didn’t want to put the new administration in a position where they felt they had to do a managed care carve out if that wasn’t the right thing in their minds we wanted to do what’s best for people to access care on

the other hand Delta Dental made a really strong case and I think we some of you have heard a sec about this before in the network calls that Maine has the lowest participation rate of dentists and Medicaid in the

country and so access is a huge issue particularly in rural parts of the state but really everywhere and you know Delta Dental has like over percent of the dentists in their network here in Maine and so having

them if they were to successfully get the contract through an RFP process help us with with implementing this benefit it could really help with access so we were really open to that conversation but also didn’t want to

just assume that that was the best route next slide so um early on in the session this got a lot of attention right even before we had done it said anything about it some news outlets picked up on this and talked with our our sponsor and