Other things that we Humana dental can do to help that cut you know that sort of pass room from front to back are things that are really really simple since we’re on the schedule some .

Things like this and I’m gonna go back to my AP since it’s a little easier to say see that little error right there I hope some people are utilizing that

What this lets me know is this patient Claire actually has an appointment not only in the hygiena chair but also in the doctors chair so it looks like

They’re going back and forth through that arrow no and that’s a really simple thing within every patient’s appointment there is something called prefix and .

There’s a prefix field and all I do is put dash dash dash and anything in between those anything that you put in that space for prefix shows up

With arrows around it so you can see surely has lab work out so before there was a beaker that’s the way I would sort of put lab my lab work into

The schedule but offices will even do things like put in P for new patient and that would show up interesting yep I we always put it knows you know in hygiene before or in doctor after so .

That’s that’s an easy way to put that in there yeah and the problem with notes is depending on how big the appointment is how long it is and depending on .

What else you have written there it could get pushed off the screen like here you might it might get pushed off the screen you might not even see it so it’s a great.

Way to put something before the appointment and it will automatically show up like that I love the fact that because it looks like arrows you can tell.

That they’re going back and forth and then when you’re doing conformation calls make sure that you’re confirming the earlier appointment not.

The later one exactly yep and while we’re on that for confirmations for my new patients I always actually scheduled them minutes early because you know you’ve been telling somebody .