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unfortunately u are not able to buy dental help

Dental help this process without any caps I know a lot of states do have caps on care but we we really felt like we didn’t want to dictate that and to just keep our options open .

Dental help

we didn’t want to put the new administration in a position where they felt they had to do a managed care carve out if that wasn’t the right thing in their minds we wanted to do what’s best for people to access care on

the other hand Delta Dental made a really strong case and I think we some of you have heard a sec about this before in the network calls that Maine has the lowest participation rate of dentists and Medicaid in the

country and so access is a huge issue particularly in rural parts of the state but really everywhere and you know Delta Dental has like over percent of the dentists in their network here in Maine and so having

them if they were to successfully get the contract through an RFP process help us with with implementing this benefit it could really help with access so we were really open to that conversation but also didn’t want to

just assume that that was the best route next slide so um early on in the session this got a lot of attention right even before we had done it said anything about it some news outlets picked up on this and talked with our our sponsor and

dental insurance no waiting period

dental insurance no waiting period dental cleaning would be a preventative service that you’d pay no coinsurance on and then the provider payments will be adjusted by region

subject to instakill their comment just like any other services under Part B so we’re really talking about making this a comprehensive dental

benefit based on medical necessity and payments made to providers looking very much like we see in the Medicare program today

additionally the same low-income protections that individuals who are in the Medicare program currently receive would also apply to the dental

benefit so it helps to pay for out-of-pocket costs so we have the Medicare savings programs that help pay for the Part B premium the Quimby

program that helps pay for cost-sharing so that you would really see that low-income individuals would have zero cost-sharing for example I’m

just like they do for other medical services that they receive under Part B next slide so question we get a lot is but well why can’t we just do this a

Medicare Advantage so Medicare Advantage are these private Medicare plans that you can join you have the option to join and some of them

provide supplemental dental services unfortunately most of those that offer these supplemental dental they’re not comprehensive types of services and there are high cost sharing so a lot of them are pretty skimpy coverage and does not go nearly far enough to provide comprehensive coverage so

services and there are high cost sharing so a lot of them are pretty skimpy coverage and does not go nearly far enough to provide comprehensive coverage so

why tooth pain heart u most

I take it back to  and tooth pain and really what Ilook at look at on this is kind of where we are on a net claims PE p.m. so the .

The you know reality is if you look in we went significantly down in Allegiant .

we all kind of knewwe’re not quite sure when Allegiant how they were paying claims or or .

what theywere paying and so from Allegiant wemove back to blues you know you can seeour ppm went back up  we were downabout % and then if you look at where

we are eighteen to nineteen work sothe reality is over really a four and a half year period we’ve gone from to so I think that’s why we’ve seen some good renewals and in.

the past and Ithink I do think this is a good renew alas well so when you the health planhistory and I apologize there is a typoon this so sixth in – we did get arate pass from Blue Cross in

we got a . percent increase and thenthat should say   we got a ratepass again and then in we’venegotiate it down to . percent thecumulative over the four year period isabout .

percent when you look at theaverage trend that’s out there and theaverage trend between medical andpharmacy for that time frame wasprobably six to eight percent you cansee

that we’re a little over two percentso we’ve you know we’ve we’ve done welland I think we’ve that’s why we’vegotten good renewals as well so this isthe plans we’re not recommending anyplan

changes you can see these are therates so down at the bottom you knowit’s roughly a . % when you load itinto the formula so I just put this inhere for your review and then when youlook at it on what is it

Could This Report Be The Definitive Answer To Your renaissance dental?

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My personal experience with Renaissance dental

Before 3 month my teeth suddenly pain so i decided to visit doctor .dentist tell me that i had some teeth related issue . and they insist me to do treatment as soon as possible .

the cost off treatment is very high something around(3000$) . So at that time i felt scary but my husband tell me that he have had purchased one insurance policy ( Renaissance dental insurance).

using this policy my whole treatment cost is 0 . so i am very happy with renaissance insurance and i recomend u to all to buy this very usefully insurance .

at the end i put some links where my husband had purchased this insurance.

The cost Of Insurance is only 400$ to 500$ and gives benefit up-to 5000$ so its really amazing deal so must have to look out for this.

so you all have to know the basic information about dental related insurance like delta dental and dentemax insurance

Getting Facts About Humana Dental insarnce

Other things that we Humana dental can do to help that cut you know that sort of pass room from front to back are things that are really really simple since we’re on the schedule some .

Things like this and I’m gonna go back to my AP since it’s a little easier to say see that little error right there I hope some people are utilizing that

What this lets me know is this patient Claire actually has an appointment not only in the hygiena chair but also in the doctors chair so it looks like

They’re going back and forth through that arrow no and that’s a really simple thing within every patient’s appointment there is something called prefix and .

There’s a prefix field and all I do is put dash dash dash and anything in between those anything that you put in that space for prefix shows up

With arrows around it so you can see surely has lab work out so before there was a beaker that’s the way I would sort of put lab my lab work into

The schedule but offices will even do things like put in P for new patient and that would show up interesting yep I we always put it knows you know in hygiene before or in doctor after so .

That’s that’s an easy way to put that in there yeah and the problem with notes is depending on how big the appointment is how long it is and depending on .

What else you have written there it could get pushed off the screen like here you might it might get pushed off the screen you might not even see it so it’s a great.

Way to put something before the appointment and it will automatically show up like that I love the fact that because it looks like arrows you can tell.

That they’re going back and forth and then when you’re doing conformation calls make sure that you’re confirming the earlier appointment not.

The later one exactly yep and while we’re on that for confirmations for my new patients I always actually scheduled them minutes early because you know you’ve been telling somebody .

USA insurance for dental petition

INSURANCE have the implant done well right down here there’s the letter from Insurance the specialist that says if it was done or not okay so through your imaging module we’re going to open this up hopefully you can see

this imaging module I’m just gonna do a new exam and you see I’ve got some template set up just like I would have to bite wings for bite wings

I’ve got scanned documents and I would just right-click acquire from scanner it goes directly in and then I would connect the tooth number down here to

The corresponding two number in that letter or document so with the flow of that do you recommend for office flow that when letters come in

When things come in it gets automatically done on the front and attached this way I do now I also recommend that the office gets just go to Staples and buy .

A stamp that says something like scanned or copied or whatever you can find it you know a default stamp for and then put that letter on the doctors desk so .

They get a chance to read the letter correspond with the specialist and know that that documents already been scanned into the system so we have

A two-parter so yes the front does it but the front doesn’t just scan it and shred it then I scan it and pass it on to somebody else who can you know verify

The information that has been correct for those that are not as hygienic or heaven tickets and staples what we used to would do is just a checkmark and .

The date and the check meant this is the date that it was scanned in so the doctor knew everything .

That landed on their desk had a check in a date that was the it wasn’t he goes oft perfect I love it yep so yeah and

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